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Adaptive Technology Combined with Standards-Aligned Curriculum Delivers Effective, Targeted and Engaging Instruction


Learning Through Sports, Inc. uniquely partners with school

districts by providing a solution to motivate students to stay in

school and continue onto college. Our Educational Athletics

Program combines engaging virtual curriculum with on campus

pro athlete mentoring to help students build 21st Century Skills

like leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, mathematics and


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New Success Story! Boys & Girls Clubs of Bulloch County, GA

San Antonio (TX) students talk about how sports and coaches help them focus on academics and making good decisions

  Educational Athletics - Virtual Curriculum & Pro Athlete Mentors That Engage Students
The Educational Athletics Program incorporates STAR Mentors, STAR Sportsmanship and Kid's College solutions.
STAR Mentors - Pro/Collegiate Athlete Mentors

STAR Mentors solutions are customized on a case-by-case basis. All solutions include professional/ collegiate athlete mentoring that focuses on impacting your at-risk, disengaged students: improving their behavior and motivation, and making them better students. Various configurations may include one or more of the following:

  • In-house sportsmanship assemblies
    or workshops by professional/
    collegiate athletes
  • Online, interactive blogs by professional/
    collegiate athletes
  • Live video conferencing in the classroom
  • STAR jerseys, patches, helmet stickers, posters and other customized gear
> Meet Your Pro Athlete Mentors

Tony Banks, Former NFL Quarterback, St. Louis Rams, Baltimore Ravens,  Washington Redskins,
Houston Texans

Benj Sampson, Former MLB, Pitcher, Minnesota Twins, Cleveland Indians, Colorado Rockies
tony banks
benj sampson
STAR Sportsmanship - Sportsmanship and Character Education

As the leading provider of Sportsmanship Education to America’s schools, STAR focuses on important issues affecting today’s youth including teamwork and respect, steroid and drug prevention and strategies for dealing with bullying/cyber-bullying.

The following modules are available for STAR Sportsmanship:

  • Elementary (K-4th)
  • STAR Coaches
  • Middle School (5th-6th)
  • STAR Youth Coaches
  • Junior High (7th-8th)
  • STAR Parents
  • High School (9th-10th)
  • STAR Officials
  • High School (11th-12th)
  • Take Two: Sportsmanship Remediation

All licenses and configurations include the following:

  • 12-month license
  • Immediate and continual access (24/7)
  • STAR Reporting
  • Automatic content updates
  • Access to MySportsmanship.com
  • Customer service and technical support
  • STAR Sportsmanship Playbook
Kid’s College® K-8 Math and Literacy

Kid’s College is proven effective in raising standardized test scores, improving behavior in the classroom and motivating even the hardest-to-reach students.

The following subjects and grade levels are available for Kid’s College:

  • Math (Grades K-8)
  • Reading/Language Arts (Grades K-8)

All licenses and configurations include the following:

  • Adaptive Technology which automatically adjusts curriculum to remediate or accelerate students
  • Engaging, interactive sports video games

  • Immediate and continual access (24/7)
  • Skills Gap Identifier Reports and other multi-level data reports auto-emailed through the Executive Reporting Service


  • Automatic content updates
  • Printable customized workbooks
  • Customer service and technical support
  • Professional Development Guide, Administrator and Teacher Quick Start Guides, and Executive Reporting Guide


Proven Results: In the Classroom and on the Playing Field

Kid’s College
Case Study: Clark County, NV

  1. 8th graders using Kid’s College at Canarelli Middle School increased ITBS scores
    by 14% in Math vs. non-users and 11% in Reading vs. non-users.

Case Study: Chicago Public School District

  1.  4 schools using Kid’s College outscored the district as a whole by an average of 9.8%
    in Math on the ISAT.
  2.  45% of 4th graders at Pasteur Elementary moved from “Meets” to “Exceeds” using
    Kid’s College in the after-school program.
  3.  Benjamin E. Mays students improved ISAT Math scores by 52% and Reading scores
    by 60% using Kid’s College over 5 years.
  4.  Incidents of poor behavior in the classroom decreased by 60% at Castellanos Middle School
    (School demographics: 98.3% Hispanic, 99.0% Economically Disadvantaged, 37% ELL)

Case Study: State of Alabama

  1. Of the 17 lowest performing AL schools, 14 made AYP for the first time in three years
    using Kid’s College.

STAR Sportsmanship
Case Study: Cullman, AL

  1. At East Elementary School, incidents of poor behavior in the classroom decreased
    90% after implementing STAR three years ago.

Reductions in Sports Ejections

  1. In Alabama, football ejections statewide were reduced by 55% over three years using STAR.
  2. In Mississippi, football ejections were reduced by 44% for players and 50% for coaches in one year.
  3. In Pennsylvania, winter sports ejections were eliminated in several districts.

PROOF that Sports and Games MOTIVATE Students
In our student mentoring sessions, former pro quarterback Tony Banks poses the following question to full assemblies of students. ‘How many of you only come to school so you can play sports?’ On average, an overwhelming 75% of the students raise their hands, confirming that sports and games are highly motivating for disengaged and at-risk students.


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